The Right Story Is Unforgettable

Once you get it right it's a bit like magic, you can stop competing on price, grow your business, get more referrals, make more money and have a lot more fun!
Houston … We Have A Problem

When someone has a problem they’ll usually talk about it with people they know in the process of looking for a solution. They might even ask people they know and trust for suggestions on who might be able to help. If you’ve created an engaging story about a specific type of client and the way you solve a particular problem for them – you’ve made it easy for people who know about you to tell people who need to know about you. AND you’ve set yourself apart from the competition in a relevant way. Your referral rates will skyrocket! And your marketing costs will drop. Boom. That’s #winning right there.

Stories Sell Solutions

Armed with suggestions from their contacts, people check out the options. They’re subconsciously looking for a story they want to be a part of, a story they see themselves reflected in and one that makes them feel understood. One that has them nodding their heads as they read the website content. Everything about you – the way you look, speak, write – your marketing material, premises and even staff are telling the world a story about who you are, how you see yourself and the world around you and what they should expect if they work with you. Is your story working for you?

Decisions Decisions Decisions

The second after someone makes a decision on which option to go with they’re wondering if they’ve done the right thing. It’s called buyers remorse and it happens almost universally. This is where most business let themselves down. They process the payment and then refocus on getting the next sale through the door. Nooo! You’ve only done just enough to get them across the line. They’re perfectly primed to be hugely impressed by you right now (which will give you instant lasting credibility as long as you don’t stuff up). The first 100 days are critical. If you get it right, you’ve got a raving fan in the making and if you drop the ball you’re back to chasing leads.

Loyalty Beyond Reason

If you started with solid positioning, created a compelling and consistent story and followed though with a surprising, delightful and human customer experience in the first 100 days you’ve successfully created marketing magic – you’re unforgettable. Your customer is likely a raving fan; a customer for life, someone who likes what you do and how you do it so much that they passionately tell your story to potential ideal clients without any kind of bribe. They are never going to switch suppliers for 10% off and they’d never think about working with anyone other than you in your niche; congratulations you’ve created loyalty beyond reason.

That all sounds great. But what SPECIFICALLY do I need to do?!

Great question. For now just click on The Marketing Magic Button in the green section below and let's talk about how I can help you make marketing magic happen in your business.

Want to stop competing on price? Start loving sales and marketing? Get great clients you love working with who excitedly tell other people how amazing you are? You do? Click on the marketing magic button then ... go on ... see what happens.

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Great experiences are unforgettable - true story

Once upon a time there was a business that didn't want more sales or more profit and loved chasing new leads every month ... #bullshit
Marketing doesn't get you customers. Trust does.

OK let's be honest. If you own a business you need more leads because you want more sales so you can make more money. You're doing your best to market yourself. But why are you always chasing leads? Because you're not telling a clear enough (or compelling enough) story about who you help and how you help them in the way that's perfect for them. It makes everything you do to market yourself harder than it should be and much more expensive than it should be too. And also makes getting referrals way less likely. Bummer right?! We all want more than just what we're paying for. We want experiences that feel good, solve our problems and make our everyday lives better in some way. Think Starbucks, Disney, Apple or Harley Davidson. The key to great marketing starts with you telling a story your ideal client wants to be a part of. It's as simple as that and as complicated as that.

  • Why?

    Why do you do what you do? What's your crusade? What drives you to do what you do?

  • How?

    How do you bring your why to life? How do you do what you do differently from the other people who do a similar thing?

  • What?

    What do you do specifically? Are you selling a product or service? Do you do research? Paint?

  • Relationships

    People. People. People. Everything is about people. Connecting with people. Being human. Being kind.

Unforgettable Stories

Some ideas to help you think about your own business and the experience your customers have dealing with you.

Ready to get your story straight? Want to stop feeling frustrated by how to successfully market your business? and be recognised for the amazing stuff you do for your clients? Get clicking and let's make it happen!

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